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Welcome to Zoof

Functionality Meets Progression

Fitness Meets Life

A True Unique Approach

New Location Coming, End of September 2023!

The Zoof Experience

What We Offer

Private Fitness Studio - Online/Virtual, In-Home Personal Training - Nutritional Guidance - Longevity Training - Obtaining Goals

Train somewhere where we have aimed to create a family and a home for goals. Zoof is a place where you can be comfortable but also expand your limits. 

At Zoof, we take pride in our ability to aid you in living a better life. Our programming helps you reach performance goals, aesthetic goals, weight loss goals, and any personal goal all while creating better overall health and a living well longer. 

Contact us to dive into the science based approach we take and how we not only transform your body but your life as a whole!

Zoof is proud to offer online/virtual personal training and In-Home personal training! Yes, we bring it to you in every way! Click to book and talk more!

Fitness Is for Everyone
A Life Is for Everyone

As your Head Trainer, I believe in your goals. I believe everyone has a right to live a better life. You deserve to live your daily life better, and live every stage of your life with ease. Book a Free Consultation now and I will personally walk you through the Zoof Way. Join the family and you will immediately receive a detailed welcome pack of documents that will spark your journey!


Life is full of adventures and we want to be your next greatest one. We have different pricing packages to choose from and are always open to accommodating to you and your life. Choose one and talk with us!

After your Free Initial Consultation and we create a game plan, you will receive a, "Welcome Pack" of documents with more information and all you need to aid you as you embark on this journey!

Now offering a 15% discount on any package when you attack your goals with a partner! Bring your friend, spouse or your greatest competitor and split the cost!

Carlos Graciano, AZ

"I was someone who never believed in personal training. I was an avid gym goer and would plateau. Luis created a program that allowed me to stick to my normal routine but also added functional routines that lead to me feeling better than ever. He showed me that fitness was more than what I thought before."

Irene Nido, AZ

"Prior to Luis, I was never comfortable with making a change. Having a past with arthritis and  personal struggles with my diet made everything tough. Luis immediately allowed me to feel comfortable and change my life as a whole. I look forward to each day now as I feel better than before."

Monique Sainz, AZ

"Luis helped me not only create a habit but he helped me make my health first priority. He showed me that my effort may be different every day but the reward and results are more than what I could have imagined."

Alejandra Cordova, TX 

"Being a mom comes with it's own obstacles and always pulled me away from my health and fitness goals. Luis' programming opened my eyes to the level of health that I could reach even with limited time."
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